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Why a pre-built mobile app?

Launch an app, you'll know what it's about! You may have goals like bringing your business idea to the public, attracting huge traffic, getting a high rating on the App Store, making the app helpful to users, and obviously making a lot of money! All this can be accomplished swiftly by using a pre-built app and customizing it as per your choice. It is a great option for start-ups that prefer to begin their venture with a minimum investment. The app's prominent features make you reach people from everywhere, like Google search results, emails, URLs, social media posts, YouTube comments, and so on. So, choose the right instant app and stand out a mile.

Why a Real estate app?

Real estate instant apps have quickly evolved into an integral element of modern society. These apps help the industry by providing access to a wealth of information about property sellers and buyers. With such data at hand, real estate magnates can act swiftly and smartly. In recent years, there has been a major shift in interest from linking brokers to mobile applications. People can now buy, sell, or rent any type of property from the comfort of their homes. Whether you want to make an app for real for house rent or for real estate agents, the app development company will help you with the process.

The Real estate mobile app design allows a buyer to select from numerous property options and at the same time it allows a seller to find potential customers. So, it's a win-win for both! If you are a part of real estate and want to connect with people in your niche, it's time you create your app and shine in this booming industry.

Develop an Innovative Real Estate App in just a few hours to revolutionize the Buying and Selling of homes

CM Real Estate

Designed after in-depth market research, CM Real Estate is a platform where you can purchase, sell or rent any land or premises. This mobile app is for property owners, brokers, real estate agencies, and all those interested in acquiring a property. Individual, Commercial, Residential, Plots, Open lands, Agriculture lands, Apartments or Flats, this app is suitable for all types of estates. It displays properties in your desired city & in your budget range with descriptions, photos, and comprehensive seller’s information. Developed using cross-platform technology, the app can function in both iOS and Android environments. CM Real Estate mobile app uses cutting-edge methods, resources, frameworks, and strategies to meet the demands of our devoted clientele. Improve your offering and make the most of future possibilities by coordinating with our real estate app developer India wizards.

Features of CM Real Estate

  • User Friendly
  • Easily Navigable
    Customized Search
  • Deep linking
    High Interface
  • Impressive Design
    Seamless Onboardings

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Choose a Package



₹70,000 (android)

₹1,20,000 (android + iOS)

₹1,00,000(website + android)

₹1,60,000(website + android + iOS)

Suggested for startups

  • Login via mobile
  • Single language
  • Admin will post properties
  • Sms integration
  • Mail integration
  • Buy / Sell
  • Unlimited postings
  • User Enquiries
  • Properties Details
  • Social Media Links

Delivery in 15 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )



₹1,20,000 (android)

₹2,50,000 (android + iOS)

₹2,00,000(website + android)

₹3,00,000(website + android + iOS)

Suggested for medium scaled businesses

  • All the benefits of Starter Plan, (+) plus :
  • Multi Language ( Any 2 )
  • Property postings ( User )
  • Subscriptions for Postings
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Gateway( any one )
  • Location wise properties
  • Blogs
  • Buy / Sell / Rent
  • Wishlist
  • Advance Search
  • Advertisement Banners

Delivery in 35 Days( 6 Months Free Support )



₹1,60,000 (android)

₹3,60,000 (android + iOS)

₹3,00,000(website + android)

₹5,00,000(website + android + iOS)

Suggested for medium scaled businesses

  • All the benefits of Medium Plan, (+) plus :
  • Multi Language ( Any 4 )
  • Property postings ( User, Agent )
  • Reports
  • Staff Logins
  • Subscription for posting & enquiries
  • Deeplink sharing ( Upcoming )
  • Property views count
  • 2 Payment Gateways
  • Agents reports ( Upcoming )
  • Coupons
  • Property Categorization ( Premium, Basic )
  • Advertisement Banners ( City wise )

Delivery in 45 Days( 6 Months Free Support )

Steps to deliver an online Real Estate app

Comprehend the requirements
Mandatory market research
Select the best team
Create an intuitive interface
Build the application
Launch the application
Promote your app
Keep the app updated and monitored

Why choose us?

At Colourmoon, we make your dreams happen. We don't just turn your ideas into reality to take on a project, instead, we look at the idea and tell you whether to stop working on it or move ahead. We ensure that your solution should be helpful for people and at the same time it should be profitable for you. We don't start from scratch; rather, we use some existing or open-source applications to make them fit your needs. Save your precious time and money by choosing the right app development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CM Real Estate is a user-friendly, highly responsive app with multiple features that can be customized as per your brand requirements.
The cost depends on the type of package you choose. You can select the package as per your needs.
Yes, you can create both Android and iOS versions of your app.
Based on your specifications and the type of package chosen, it may take upto 2 to 7 weeks to develop your app.
Colourmoon Technologies offers a wide range of services including, lead generation, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and website development. We also have a variety of pre-built app products like - a grocery delivery app, a shopping platform, a community app, a cab booking app, etc.

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