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Why OTT Apps Are in Demand?

The demand for OTT apps has skyrocketed due to their unmatched convenience, diverse content catalog, personalization, multi-device accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. Users crave the flexibility to access a vast array of on-demand content at their convenience, eliminating the need for traditional television schedules. With an extensive library of shows, movies, and documentaries, OTT apps cater to a broad audience, satisfying diverse interests. The personalized viewing experience, powered by recommendation algorithms, keeps users engaged and helps them discover new content. The ability to seamlessly switch between devices and cost-effective subscription options further contribute to the surging demand for OTT apps, revolutionizing the way we consume entertainment.

CM Movie Flex

If you are seeking a ready-to-go OTT solution, look no further than CM Movie Flex by Colour Moon Technologies Pvt Ltd. With CM Movie Flex, you have access to a comprehensive end-to-end OTT solution that is both cost-effective and efficient. Our expert team will work closely with you to customize the platform according to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and personalized user experience. With our streamlined development process, you can launch your OTT solution in less than 30 days, enabling you to enter the market quickly and start captivating your audience with compelling content. Choose CM Movie Flex for a hassle-free and accelerated OTT solution deployment.

Features of CM Movie Flex

  • Customizable
  • Scalabile
    Highly Secured
  • Integrated Payment System
    Easy And Friendly User Interface
  • Easy CMS
    Advance Transcoding

Choose a Package


₹1,25,000 (Website)

₹2,50,000 (Android)

₹2,50,000 (Android TV)

₹2,50,000 (IOS)

₹2,00,000 (Fire TV)

Suggested for startups

  • Login Via Mobile
  • Subscription Management Basic (Restrict Max Login)
  • Single Language
  • Subscription based OTT
  • Resume Video/Continue Watching
  • Subtitles
  • Multiple Video Format
  • 10sec (Forward/Backward)
  • Cast information
  • Movie Grading
  • Favourites/Watch Later
  • Share
  • Select Video Quality
  • Search Movies by Title
  • One payment Gateway
  • Popular, New Movies/Web Series,Shows on Home

Delivery in 15 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )


₹2,25,000 (Website)

₹3,20,000 (Android)

₹3,20,000 (Android TV)

₹3,20,000 (IOS)

₹3,50,000 (Fire TV)

Suggested for medium scaled businesses

  • All the benefits of Starter Plan, (+) plus :
  • Subscription Management Advance (Restrict Login + Devices - Ex: 1 TV, 1 TV + 1 Mobile...etc)
  • Multiple Language Setting(Upto 3)
  • Auto Transcoding & Encoding
  • Movie Speed (2X, 4X... etc)
  • Home Screen Layout Management
  • Share With Deep Linking
  • Movie on Rent / pay N Watch
  • Ads Supported (Ads Between Video)
  • Schedule Movies
  • Cast to TV
  • Wallet
  • Auto Resolution/Picture Quality
  • Block Screen Record on Other Mobile Apps
  • Mini Window/Picture in Picture For web
  • Customised Movie Categories on Home Screen
  • Popular Searches (Auto Suggest)
  • Country Restriction for Content
  • Login Viz QR (Only for TV App)
  • Next Episode (Automatically)
  • Skip Intro & Skip Credits
  • Player Brightness Management
  • Lock Player

Delivery in 35 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )

Customised Points

Addons Available With Extra Cost Send an enquiry now!

Suggested for large scaled businesses

  • Child Lock
  • Live Streaming
  • Producer Dash board
  • Thumbnail Seek Bar
  • Movie Audio Change/Multi Audio
  • DRM Solution
  • Top 10 Movies (Count)
  • Offline Download
  • User Profile

Technology Partners

Steps to Develop an Movie Flex App

Steps to Develop an OTT AppIn-depth knowledge of requirements
Market analysis
Discussing with the right team
Analyzing the scope
Customizing the features
Understanding the Legal Points
Highly Experienced Tech Team
Reporting System

Why Clients Love Working with Us?The app provides design and digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. You can launch an OTT platform with your own original content, or you can curate and license content from third-party providers. The choice depends on your business model and content strategy.
Monetization options for an OTT platform include subscription-based models, pay-per-view or rental options, advertising (pre-roll, mid-roll, or display ads), sponsorships, in-app purchases, and partnerships with content creators or brands.
Content security measures such as digital rights management (DRM), secure streaming protocols (like HTTPS), watermarking, access controls, and encryption can be implemented to safeguard the content on your OTT platform.
You can promote your OTT platform through online advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer partnerships, search engine optimization (SEO), app store optimization (ASO), email marketing, and collaborations with other media outlets or platforms.
It is recommended to use cloud hosting services for an OTT platform due to their scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure offer the infrastructure required to handle the high demands of video streaming.
Ongoing maintenance for an OTT platform includes regular updates, bug fixes, security patches, content management, server maintenance, performance optimization, and customer support to ensure a smooth user experience and uninterrupted service. Reach us for Best Packages.
The development timeline for an OTT platform can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project. On average, it may take several months to develop and launch a fully functional OTT website and mobile app. As We are Offering Ready to Go Solutions We can deploy in less then 30days...

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