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Why Food Apps Are in Demand?

Food is a basic necessity!

Humans love eating different types of food to satisfy their appetites. As technology advances and adverse conditions become more prevalent, people are staying home and expecting services to be delivered to them. In general, people turn to food delivery services because there are many reasons why they cannot visit restaurants - lack of time, unhygienic eating conditions, dislike of crowds, etc.

Taking into account the preferences of audiences, the food industry offers online delivery services from their business apps.

Build an app that Delivers Restaurant-Quality food directly to your customers' homes, all in a matter of seconds

CM Foody

With the CM Foody, you can get your food delivered on-demand in a convenient and easy manner. The platform has many features and can be scaled to meet your on-demand needs. As everyone was afraid to eat in restaurants during the pandemic, we understood how important food delivery was to people's homes. Restaurant owners faced many challenges due to this. Thus, we came up with a feature-rich food delivery platform to make it profitable for businesses and the public alike.

Despite an easing in the effects of the pandemic, the demand for food delivery apps is still high. Consequently, the CM Foody platform can have a high commercial benefit for restaurant businesses. Customers can also benefit from digital assets in a wide range of ways. Every person involved in it gets their individual set of benefits from the app.

Features of CM-Foody

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
    Feature diversity
  • Multi payment system
    Hassle-free management
  • Safe and secure
    Stylish Designs

Choose a Package


₹55,000 (android)

₹90,000 (android + iOS)

Suggested for startups

  • Register / Login via Mobile
  • Single Language
  • 1 Payment Gateway(Razorpay)
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Unlimited food items/food menu can add
  • Unlimited food categories can add
  • Coupon Code Integration(Basic)
  • Push Notification(Automatic order alerts)
  • Sales Report
  • Home Delivery & Self Pickup
  • Live Chat(Free Third-party Widgets)
  • Reviews System

Delivery in 15 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )



₹1,20,000(android + iOS)

Suggested for medium scaled businesses

  • All the benefits of Starter Plan, (+) plus :
  • Multiple Language Setting(Any 2)
  • Payment Gateway(Instamojo)
  • Sales Report with chart
  • Coupon Code Integration(Advanced)
  • Push Notifications(Admin can send & Alert Notifications)
  • Staff logins (with 4 privileges)
  • Delivery Boy App
  • Cash Wallet
  • Referrals
  • Tele Order System

Delivery in 35 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )



₹2,00,000(android + iOS)

Suggested for large scaled businesses

  • All the benefits of Medium Plan, (+) plus :
  • Multiple Language Setting(Any 4)
  • Staff Login(8 privileges)
  • City wise pricing
  • Basic POS
  • Give Tips
  • Subscription Mode

Delivery in 45 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )

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Steps to Deliver an Online Foody App

Comprehend the requirements
Mandatory market research
Select the best team
Create an intuitive interface
Build the application
Launch the application
Promote your app
Keep the app updated and monitored

Why Clients Love Working with Us?The app provides design and digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CM Foody offers a user-friendly interface that brings customers back to the app again & again.
Depending on the features the cost of development of the app might vary.
Yes, the app can be made for both android and iOS
Based on the above-mentioned packages (Starter, Medium, Advanced) time may vary as less as 15 days.
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