Mobile Based Face Recognition Attendance System

Easy and cost effective touch & touchless mobile face attendance system Suitable for small offices, shops, factories with up to 500 employees.CM-Face Attendance is the best face recognition app that runs on any mobile/tablet device and can be set up as Selfie mode or Kiosk.

What is a Face Attendance System?

Get our AI powered powerful Attendance Management solutions and stay worry free .Our Face Recognition, Punch in,out app, location tracking is built with advanced technology providing powerful insights with detailed reporting and monitoring features that can be checked and downloaded from the inbuilt software dashboard.

Our Attendance system automatically recognises face in real time, and marks the attendance using face recognition api.The attendance data is synchronized in real time and detailed reports of users/employees attendance are available.

Tracking of your workforce is now easier with our advanced attendance management system. Increase your workers productivity and your ROI with this advanced Face attendance system.

How Does CM-Face Attendance work?

CM - Face Attendance works by verifying your face against the enrolled face to mark your daily attendance. All you need to do is stand in front of the camera and your face is verified instantly in milliseconds.This data is verified against the stored registered data, once the data is matched your attendance is marked. This solution works on most android devices. So you don’t need a separate hardware device to use our Face Attendance system.

An AI Powerful, Reliable ,Easy to use Attendance Management with fully automated setup to take care of managing employees Attendance, Leaves , locations with real time synchronization. The CM-Face Attendance system is the best face recognition system in Inida and Word. It is a ready to go, complete face recognition attendance solution. Some of the its key features include :

Face Attendance Features

  • AI powered advanced Face Recognition
  • Automated Punch in & Out App to track time & location
  • Manage team shifts with real time reports
  • Leave Management, Track leaves increase productivity
  • Location tracking in real time
  • Easy downloading of attendance reports
  • Works offline & Online

Advantegeous Features of CM Face Attendence

  • Guaranteed low price
    Runs in your device
  • High Security
    Time in and time out
  • Attendance reports
    Improved productivity
  • Secure backup
    Installation support

Choose a Package

Kiosk mode (Touchless)

₹5,999 (per Year)


Advanced facial detection

  • Kiosk Login (Device wise)
  • Get instant alerts when worker late to office
  • Offline Attendance
  • Admin Dashboard (Web)
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Multiple Branches / Offices - With Centralized Reporting
  • Works on Android
  • Mask detection(Coming Soon)
  • Multiple In-Out tracking
  • API (Coming Soon - Add On)
  • Activation in : 15 Days

Delivery in 15 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )

Selfie attendance with Geo-fencing

₹5,999(Per Year)


Suggested for medium scaled businesses

  • Advanced facial detection
  • Staff Login (employee wise)
  • Geofencing option
  • GPS Location Capture
  • Admin Dashboard (Web)
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Multiple Branches / Offices - With Centralized Reporting
  • Works on Android
  • Mask detection (Coming Soon)
  • Employe Location Tracking - Hourly Based (Coming Soon)
  • Leave Management (Coming Soon - Add on)
  • Activation in : 15 Days

Delivery in 35 Days( 6 Months Free Support, 3 Months free updates )

Technologies we are using

Multiple Login Functionality

Our face recognition attendance system or CM-Face Attendance App provides multiple login functionality. The application has two user modes: an admin login and an attender login.

Admin Login - Admin can register new employees faces to the database. He can check already registered employees records and also can sync the data, which is stored on the secured server.

Attender Login - This feature works on kiosk mode and there will be no any additional functionality apart from taking attendance. This login specifically will be active after registering the employee's in the record. So none of the unregistered employee would not be able to disturb the applications functionality.

Steps to deliver an Face Recognition Attendance

Elminate Outdated attendence system
Easy Monitoring
Unlimited UsersUnlimited Devices and Detailed Reports
Detailed Reports
Works On all Android Devices
East and Accurate
Deidicated Support
3 Best Plan to Choose From

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App Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

Face Recognition Attendance system works by identifying the face of employ using AI. Once the face of current employee is identified, it automatically marks the attendance. You can view detailed daily and monthly attendance reports directly in the App. These reports can be shared by just a click with your team for further analysis ,like total leave calculation, time shift calculation etc.
It is very easy to build a face recognition system. All you need to do is download the CM-Face Attendance App (give link here) from Playstore.Now get an activation code from Colour Moon Technologies Pvt Ltd. Add your employees into the system database and start to monitor daily attendanceof employees using face recognition system.
The cost of using face recognition system depends on the plan you choose. In CM-Face Attendance App, you will get three plan to choose from. These plans depend on the number of employees and number of devices you want to install the App on. If you choose any of our plans. You will free important updates for the first year.
You will get all basic support from us until your account is in active status , means when you have any of the three plans active. We will provide you with al the essential support. Please make sure that you are using a compatible device installing and using the CM- Face attendance App.
The App is secure and developed by a team of Expert Developers, who understand the value of your data. The system does not store your face images anywhere. As the attendance is completed. All of your attendance data is encrypted and is securely stored using a unhackable encryption system.
You can install the CM-Face Attendance App on any Android device. Our attendance system is so build that it can run on any android device. The best thing about this software is that, if the device stops working, you can easily shift to another device of your choice hasslefree.
If by chance your device is lost or damaged. All you need to do is reinstall the App on a new device with old login details.All your old record is synchronized from our secured server, And you can re-use the application without any problem.

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